Premislide Perfection for School Renovation Project

A trusted German partner for KÖMMERLING, Kaspari GmbH, recently completed a renovation for Middle School Vulkaneifel in the Ulmen community, Eifel region using the PremiSlide and System 76 tilt and turn product platforms.

Kaspari installed 105 PremiSlide sliding windows in the classrooms, due to the fact that the opening sashes slide horizontally and don’t intrude into the limited space inside these teaching rooms. A further 70 tilt and turn windows were installed into other rooms where space and access was less of a critical issue. The company also dismantled the old aluminium windows, separated the materials according to type and recycled them.

Managing director and window manufacturer Holger Kaspari said: ‘I was enthusiastic about the choice, because it is the best alternative to the conventional tilt and turn windows. PremiSlide offers much more space for modern interior design concepts, as opening the windows does not impede the space in any way.’

The planning office responsible for the modernisation project was IBS Ingenieure and the responsible engineer was Christoph Braun who added: ‘We were very satisfied with the choice of the KÖMMERLING PremiSlide 76 sliding system. With this property we achieved a Uw value of around 0.84 W/(m²K) with triple glazing.’

The KÖMMERLING PremiSlide 76 sliding system has a total installation depth of 158 mm and the depth of the sliding sash is 76 mm. The PVC-u profile consists of a 5-chamber construction with slim sight lines which ensures the greatest possible incidence of light and increased solar energy gains. The system is also made from sustainable PVC-U with lead-free stabilisers and a high percentage of recycled material.

Facility manager Manfred Diewald is also satisfied with the new sliding windows and said: ‘Firstly, we can simply implement the ventilation requirements of the government for the cold season, namely, to ventilate every 20 minutes for 5 minutes, and thus minimise the transmission of Corona viruses. Second, ventilation improves the indoor climate, which has a positive effect on learning behaviour.

He added: ‘Thirdly, we protect the climate through highly efficient thermal insulation, reduced CO2 emissions and by significantly minimising our heating costs. And fourthly, the new windows ensure significantly better sound insulation. Thanks to the sliding windows, we can now use the entire classroom with maximum gaps between desks.’

Leigh Cooper, commercial sales manager of profine UK concluded: ‘This is an excellent international case study as to what can be achieved with KÖMMERLING systems. It addressed a number of scheme criteria and also helped satisfied the ventilation requirements to minimise the transmission of viruses under German law.’

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